At Peachtree Laser Inc., We strive to maintain an arsenal of equipment that stays at the forefront of today’s technology. Our laser systems feature the power and capabilities to create an inspiring presentation. Our graphics systems incorporate full color lasers combined with high speed scanning capabilities.


High Powered Graphics/Beams

This is our large full-color graphics projector, the LaserMedia LM 10/14. This is a system that holds up to two large frame white-light lasers, up to 20 watts each. The projector houses two sets of high-speed scanners and up to six fiber-optic fed scanner sets that can be placed in remote locations. It also incorporates a 10 position beam rail that is configured for 20 individual static beams, and 2 beams that feed through diffraction gratings providing a fan of beams capable of covering an entire room.


High Powered Beams

This is our large LaserMedia LM22 beam table that can house a single large frame Argon laser up to 25 watts, a white-light laser up to 20 watts, or a high powered YAG laser capable of up to 40 watts of green. It features one set of scanners with up to four remote fiber optic scan sets. The scanner position provides aerial effects that literally surround you with light. It also has 16 beam positions that can be configured in a variety of ways providing up to 30 static beams and one diffraction grating.


Low Powered Beams

These are our Micro-YAG based LaserMedia projectors. Each houses a single micro sized YAG laser that produces 3.5 watts of green. The human eye is most sensitive to their 532nm wavelength, giving them the appearance of much more powerful ion gas lasers. Each of these projectors has one scanner position and 6 double beam positions. The beam positions are configured to provide ten static beams and one diffraction grating. With power requirements of only 2 amps at 110v, and no required cooling water, they are easier to set up and use in all situations.


Low Powered Scanned Beams

These are our Micro-YAG based scan only projectors which produce 3.5 watts of green light. These small portable units can be checked as airline luggage allowing very easy transportation and set-up. Used in pairs, these projectors can provide a more economical solution that still provides a major impact. Requiring only 2 amps at 110v, they work extremely well in areas that have limited space and power options.


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